1. Get access to Expert Advice

Most successful people attribute their achievements to having done a few things right and to have received the right advice at the right time. We make these “ingredients of success” gathered from the combined wisdom of our Advisory Board available to all participants.

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2. Get Inspired and make better career decisions

All Leadearly participants get face to face time and advice from our Guest Speakers who in the past have included the Chairman of Unilever, Head of Investment Banking at Barclays, Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson, Industry Leader at Google and Partner at McKinsey. 

3. Learn How to Stand Out on University Applications

University Admissions Teams are looking for life-long learners who have the curiosity and initiative to invest in their future. The courses will immerse you in real world simulations, provide opportunities to hone your leadership, creativity and teamwork skills, give you tangible examples to add to personal statements and essays and help you discover your unique story.

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4. Connect to an International Network

Course participation offers lifetime membership to the global Leadearly community to maximise future learning and development. Many of the Leadearly courses, competitions and work placements with leading companies are offered exclusively to alumni. It also provides access to an international network for peer-to-peer support and inspiration.

5. Be Coached & Mentored

All multi-national companies emphasise the role of mentors in your career to listen to you and guide you. At Leadearly, all participants get to work 1-1 with our Expert Coaches who are all successful professionals and offer insightful individual feedback.



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6. Have the time of your life!

Learning should be fun and photos and videos of participants on our facebook and instagram certainly show this! We attribute this to our high energy instructors, diverse mix of students from different schools and the innovative and stimulating methodology we use. The one question we get asked the most? 


"When can we do this again?!"