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Location: Central London TBC

Start Date: TBC

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Early MBA Programme

Ages: 13-18

The Early MBA Programme delivers the benefits of the wide MBA curriculum in a stimulating age-appropriate way. It is developed by a panel of industry experts and leading educationalists from Harvard, Cambridge and INSEAD who have worked at top companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble and PwC.


The teaching methodology has been meticulously designed over two years. Proprietary case studies, simulations and role plays are used to equip participants with skills required to start developing their interests into careers from an early age. Participants compete in diverse teams to overcome challenges.


Modules include Networking, Brand Management, Finance, Negotiations, Business Simulation, University Pitches and Decision Making. Participants also receive 1-1 feedback from experts to develop their oral personal statements which they then present to a Guest Speaker at the Finale event, where they also receive awards for their accomplishments.



Location: Central London

Start Date: TBC

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Pre Early MBA Programme

Ages: 11-13


The Pre Early MBA Programme is the perfect stepping stone for aspiring 11 - 13 year olds who want to gain an insight into the professional world, discover their strengths and interests and maximise their potential. In this stimulating age appropriate programme, participants work in groups to apply themselves to real world representations of finance, marketing and decision making. They learn about networking and negotiating to create win-win scenarios and also receive very personalised 1-1 feedback on their leadership pitches. As a highlight of the course, they get to experience being a CEO of their own company and learning to make critical business decisions. 


Parents are invited to the Finale event to witness the phenomenal progress of participants who also receive awards from our aspirational Guest Speaker.

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Location: Central London

Start Date: TBC


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Early Careers Programme

13 - 18 year olds 

The Early Careers Programme has been designed as the necessary next step post the Early MBA Programme to help participants on their journey to build their dream careers. Participants will be immersed in an internship simulation where they will have the opportunity to rotate in different departments such as finance and strategy.


They will be taught essential skills to get selected for any industry such as preparing aspirational CVs, handling tough interview questions and being successful at assessment days. They will also learn how to be adaptable in a rapidly changing world and about overcoming failure, key differentiators of the leaders of tomorrow.


The proprietary and creative format using expert life lessons and real world scenario role playing makes this a uniquely unforgettable learning experience. Participants will graduate the programme with a stronger sense of how to secure an internship at a firm of their choice, what to expect throughout the process and how to maximise their chances of ensuring an offer over their competition.

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