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How To Win At School (Back-to-School Special)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Holidays are almost done. This is that time of the year when students all over the world look forward to starting a new school term. This definitive guide will help you effectively plan your upcoming term and make sure you stay on top of things.

Plan ahead

It is always good to be aware of what’s coming. Talk to your seniors from school or talk to your teachers and get the feel of what this upcoming term will be like. Understand what topics will be covered in which subjects and which ones need to be focused on. It will be of great help as you will know what to tackle when, right from the beginning.


Chalk out a schedule & stick to it

Make a day to day schedule for yourself. Start off by writing down your school timings and then add in any other activities that you would like to take up. Make sure your day is perfectly balanced between work and play.


“Little by little, a little becomes a lot”

This couldn’t be any more accurate. Always avoid keeping things pending. You won’t realise when those small pending tasks turn out to be a gigantic chaos. One bonus tip is to just read what you’re taught in school everyday. Many high achieving students across the world recommend doing this because whatever is taught in school that day is still fresh in your mind and if you go home and read it, it’ll get imprinted in your brain. This way you won’t have to work that hard just before your exams.


Focus on your health

If you want to really succeed then you must focus on making your mind and your body healthy. Make sure you take time out everyday to do some physical activity like sports or exercise. This will clear your mind and look at things with a fresh perspective. Focus on eating healthy.


Take up a few enriching activities

Studies have shown that hobbies like music and sports have a positive impact on the academic performance. Along with this you should also consider taking up After School courses that you think could add value to your life. There a lot of after school courses available, Early MBA is one of them. The Early MBA Programme teaches you essential life skills like public speaking, negotiation, decision making etc. It also gives you access to expert advice from educationalists from Harvard, Cambridge and industry stalwarts from Google, Bank of America, P&G etc.

Try out these tips and you are sure to crush it at school this term!

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