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Why choose Leadearly's  Admissions Consulting?

1. Stand out with advice from the Expert

In today's competitive landscape, beyond showcasing academic prowess, universities seek applicants who can demonstrate both an understanding of the real world issues in their field as well as how they can be a part of the future solution. Sadaf Raza works with each client herself, using her 20 years of experience in Education, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Marketing and Business to help you identify and sell your unique strengths. 

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2. Take confidence from our track record of success

Whether you are looking to get into an undergraduate degree at LSE, or a postgraduate programme at Cambridge, we are confident we can maximise your chances of success because we have navigated the same challenges for students like you before. Check out our testimonials page to hear directly from our clients. Leadearly has helped over 400 young adults to make better career decisions and pitch themselves to universities admissions with 5 star reviews.

3. Benefit from coaching & mentoring

Many times students have come to us expecting feedback on their first draft and been pleasantly surprised by the wide scope of great advice they have received. We normally offer this guidance as part of our Securing Internships, The Pefect CV or Career Planning packages but we do not hesitate to offer more value where we can see the benefit to the applicant. 


4. Know that you matter

Leadearly only takes a select number of candidates at any given time. This is to ensure the 1-1 attention necessary to get to know each applicant well enough to help narrate their unique story. If you are deemed a successful match for Leadearly, you can relax in the knowledge that you have a partner invested in your success, genuinely eager to aid you every step of the way. 


Take a minute to find out if you are a match for Leadearly Admissions 

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