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Leadearly Programmes will give your child the skills & experiences to stand out in an increasingly competitive world!

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Top Rated Short Course in London & Dubai

Whether your child is considering Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale or any other prestigious university, the Early MBA short course is designed to give them the exposure & skills for a successful life based on the life lessons of our experts.

Benefits of Leadearly Programmes

Get Expert Advice

Our Experts work for the world’s top companies including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Barclays, and PWC. They include top university lecturers, fund managers, silicon valley and private equity investors and emerging market entrepreneurs. This is your chance to learn from the best.

Getting selected by your chosen university, internship or company is a lot more about real-world skills than your grades. Practise these key skills with Leadearly.

Learn Practical Skills

Students from all over the world take part in our courses and for many this is the first time they get to create solutions with teenagers who are not from their class, school or country. Embrace diversity and emerge a team leader.

Work in Diverse Groups



DUBAI (After School)

The Early MBA Programme Curriculum



















“I enrolled my daughter to the Early MBA Programme. Certainly, it was worth it. The programme introduces 13-18 year olds to the concepts of business, negotiation skills, and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur or as an executive. It’s an excellent exposure to the real business world.”

- Kaiser (Parent)

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Completing the form will express your interest in placing your child on any Leadearly programme. It does not obligate your child to attend the course and acceptance to the programme is not guaranteed.


This unique global curriculum has been meticulously designed using the latest research and with the collaboration of leading professionals including business leaders, psychologists, brand managers, chartered accountants, lawyers, bankers and educationalists.


The teaching methodology uses the VARK (Visual, Auditory, Reading / Writing, Kinesthetic) model to best cater to the needs of different types of learners. Students also receive individual coaching to better hone their areas of development.


The course is structured into individual modules which can be consumed altogether in an immersive holiday camp which can be taken in your mid term break / half term break or as an easter camp / summer camp. It can also be digested piecemeal as an after school or extra curricular activity, once a week over a school term.


Please enquire in advance as class sizes are limited and early registration is advised.


The Early MBA Programme is only the first step of the journey and we will continue to bring our alumni exciting new opportunities including relevant courses, work placements and international competitions exclusively for our community.


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