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What are Leadearly Programmes?

Teenagers are faced with the challenge of making many critical decisions at a young age: what subject to study, what university to apply to, what career to pursue and how to get selected at each stage. Leadearly was born of a passion to empower teenagers with the skills and experiences to make the most appropriate choices for their unique selves. Each Programme was developed over 2 years by an international group of Experts to teach their key life learnings in a stimulating and age appropriate way.


Our mission is to:

  • Help others avoid the traps we fell into as students at Harvard, Oxbridge, HEC and INSEAD

  • Share insights that enabled us to attain our dream jobs at Google, Goldman Sachs, P&G, AXA Private Equity, McKinsey, PwC and more

  • Inspire young adults to pursue opportunities that will fulfil them both personally and professionally


The Curriculum simulates real-world scenarios based on our Experts' personal experiences as well as on the latest research on the future of education and employment. Participants work in diverse teams to overcome challenges in different industries and learn skills like networking, decision making, negotiating and pitching etc through proprietary case studies, simulations, role plays and much more.

We believe that the earlier you find your calling in life and learn how to develop it into a career, the quicker you become successful.

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It was insightful and extremely educational. I got a clear understanding on many topics that I feel are really important. I found it to be a very beneficial preparation for the real world

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During the Early MBA Programme, I learnt a lot while having a great time. I truly believe this is something many students should sign up for as it if fun and enjoyable while also being very educational

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The Early MBA Programme is a great programme for young adults who want to discover the world of business. A truly inspiring and fun experience that I would strongly recommend