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Summer Care For Your AC System

Just in time for warmer weather. Here a few summer tips for maintaining your A/C system that will save you time and money. 1) Change your air filters monthly during summer months.
2) Monitor condensate drain lines and clean as necessary to prevent overflow.
3) Rinse your condenser coil yearly.
4) Keep pests and insects away from your equipment by sealing and/or treating for critters. If you notice a problem with your system turn your system off and call a technician immediately to avoid making matters worse. Call 512-642-3400 for any of your A/C needs. #gsmechanical #actips #acsummercare #lowerelectricbill

The Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

​A wi-fi thermostat is not just another thermostat. Control the temperatures levels for your home from anywhere you may be. No more getting up to set the thermostat. SAVE MONEY With a wi-fi thermostat, you have complete control over how and when the system runs, what the temp it is set to, and even when it should be turned off. Using an app from your cell phone, you'll be able to adjust the temperature and determine how long it should run with one swipe. On average, consumers save 10-12% on heating, with up to 15% on cooling, by using a wi-fi thermostat. That's approximately $130-$145 per year in savings according to the Smart Thermostat Guide. Read more here.

What is Included in Our Preventative Maintenance Plans

Your HVAC system is a large investment that you want to take care of so that it lasts a long time. Just like you maintain your car and yourself, your A/C and heating system need the same attention.

Preventative Maintenance plans include changing your standard size filters, cleaning and adjusting burner assembly, clean ignition assembly, clean heat exchanger or elements, monitor flue draft, monitor refrigerant pressure, test starter capabilities, test safety controls, clean & adjust blower components in place, measure current air flow, tighten electrical connections, measure volt/amps, lubricate moving parts as necessary, if necessary rinse condenser coil, clean condensate drains, measure temperature difference.

Learn more here.

Benefits of UV Lights in A/C

Studies have shown that indoor air pollution is 2-5 times worse than pollution outdoors. Scientists have known of the germ-killing properties of UV lights for centuries and now it is available for use in your A/C system.


*Safe and effective.

*Improves indoor air quality.

*Reduces a wide variety of airborne biological contaminants including bacteria, viruses, pollen and allergens that can breed in or be spread by your A/C system.

*Provides energy saving and reduced maintenance costs.

*Is both chemical free and germicidal.

*Keeps home healthier and safer.

Learn more here.

Extended Labor Warranties

Get your peace of mind with the Premium Protection Plan 10 Year Extended Labor Warranty. WHAT IS
Premium Protection Plan is a convenient and
affordable Extended Service Agreement that provides
you with “Guaranteed Peace of Mind” knowing you
are protected against unexpected repairs for your
HVAC System. Premium Protection Plan is backed by
an A-rated insurance underwriter giving you and your
family the comfort they deserve.
Unfortunately, mechanical failures happen every day.
With Premium Protection Plan you can rest assured if
the unfortunate happens to you, it costs nothing! Most
manufacturers limited warranty does not cover labor.
Our extended warranties not only cover 100% of the
labor, but will extend any limited parts coverage that is
not covered by the manufacturer, including the cost of
refrigerant. WHAT DOES PREMIUM
Our plans provide comprehensive protection against
any unexpected mechanical failures that your HVAC
system might have during the life of the agreement.
Our plans cover all labor charges associated with any
repairs needed. In some cases Premium Protection
Plan will even extend the manufacturers limited parts
warranty ensuring your equipment is fully covered for
both parts and labor.
Premium Protection Plan protects your investment
and “Guarantees Peace of Mind” for the life of the
warranty. If you didn’t purchase an extended warranty
when you bought your system, it’s not too late.
Premium Protection Plan Extended Warranties can
be purchased up to 2 years from the start up of your
equipment. Simply call your dealer and they can get
you covered in no time!


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