Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am interested in a topic not related to Business or an MBA?

The programme helps participants further develop a wide range of strengths and interests while acquiring real life skills that will give them an upper hand in every area of study and career path. In the past we have helped aspiring actors, politicians, lawyers, medics and even people who are completely undecided.

Will this help me with my university application?

University Admissions Teams are looking for life-long learners who have the curiosity and initiative to invest in their future. The courses will immerse you in real world simulations, provide opportunities to hone your leadership, creativity and teamwork skills, give you tangible examples to add to personal statements and essays and ultimately help you to discover your unique story.

One-to-one Professional Coaching on your oral personal statement will be directly relevant to your UCAS application as well as personal and professional elevator pitching.

What new skills will I acquire on the programme?

Participants are always surprised by how incremental the skills they learn on the programme are. The programme of course builds on your existing communication and teamwork skills but it really challenges you in a professional context. It is designed to inspire you to leave your comfort zone and work on your public speaking, debating and leadership skills. You will graduate from the programme equipped to start authentically building your personal and professional networks, negotiating with a win-win mindset and always employing creativity in problem solving.

Will networking benefits could I gain as a teenager?

The most frequent question asked by participants graduating from the programme is about the reunion! The course is designed to extend your personal network beyond your school to like-minded individuals in London and beyond. Peer-to-peer networking is instrumental in encouraging action, providing support and sharing ideas. Through Leadearly, you would also have access to our international Expert Network who are very involved in all aspects of our programmes.

Could I contact you after the programme is over to ask for help with my university/job applications?

We invest a lot of time in our participants and alumni and try to support them at later stages of their lives. In the past we have written reference letters for our alumni, offered internships and other support. The Early MBA Programme is only the first step of the journey and we will continue to bring our alumni exciting new opportunities including relevant courses, work placements, cv and personal statement clinics and international competitions exclusively for our community.


How do I apply?

In order to apply, please submit your application by visiting leadearly.co.uk/apply. Alternatively, please email us at hello@leadearly.co.uk with your name, number and preferred time to receive a call from our Admissions Officer.

Can I reserve a place now and pay later?

Places on the programme are very limited and previous programmes have been over subscribed. Therefore to guarantee a place at the programme, please make a full payment. To find out more or if you have any questions, please contact hello@leadearly.co.uk, and we will be delighted to assist you.

Do I have to show my academic results?

Leadearly Programmes are unique in that we treat all participants as young professional applicants, regardless of their background, education and experience. We admit participants based on a selection criteria that values initiative, drive and leadership potential. This is more representative of real life work scenarios where people of different backgrounds and mix of achievements work together for a common purpose.

Do I have to have a reference from my school/college to apply?

If you are applying for a scholarship or bursary, we will ask for a reference letter from your school/college, otherwise, no school/college reference is required.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

Yes. Our class sizes are capped to ensure that each participant receives a personalised experience. Hence, classes often fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, early registration is advised.

How far in advance do applications open?

We release seats on future courses on our website. If you have been unsuccessful in securing a place at your desired course, kindly follow us on social media to be the first to see course announcements or email us on hello@leadearly.co.uk and we will keep you informed regarding relevant courses.

Am I too young / too old for the course?

The age eligibility of the course is 13 - 18 years. If you fall outside this range and are interested in one of our courses, kindly email us on hello@leadearly.co.uk. While schools must track academic progress in line with the curriculum requirements of your year group and hence slot students neatly by age, our programmes simulate real work environments where the requirement is to work effectively with people from a diversity of backgrounds. Delivery of results is age agnostic and more personality based. We often see younger participants successfully leading older participants with their ideas as well as older participants showcasing true leadership potential by truly bringing the whole team along.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a number of discounts, including Early Bird offers, sibling and referral discounts. For more information, please email hello@leadearly.co.uk

Do I have to attend the programme every day?

The programme is a fast paced intensive course that requires attention to detail at every stage, therefore it is vital to attend every session in order to receive the certificate at the end of the course. Should you not be able to make it on one of the days, please email us at your earliest convenience at hello@leadearly.co.uk


Our Mission

Our aim is to inspire curiosity, spark ambition and develop strengths. We believe that the earlier you find your calling in life and learn how to develop this into a career, the quicker you become successful. In essence we:

  • Help others avoid the traps we fell into even as students at top universities including Harvard, Oxbridge, HEC and INSEAD.
  • Share insights that enabled us to secure our dream jobs at Google, Goldman Sachs, P&G, AXA Private Equity, McKinsey, PwC and many startups.
  • Inspire young adults to pursue opportunities that will fulfil them both personally and professionally.

Our Purpose

Teenagers are faced with the challenge of making critical decisions at a young age; what subject to study, which university to apply to, what career to pursue and how to get selected at each stage. Leadearly empowers teenagers with the skills and experiences to make the most appropriate choices for their unique selves. Each programme was developed over 2 years by an international group of experts to teach key life learnings in a stimulating and age appropriate manner.


The curriculum simulates real life scenarios based on our experts’ personal experiences, as well as the latest research on the future of education and employment. Participants work in diverse teams to overcome challenges in various industries, including Finance, Marketing and Enterprise. They gain key competitive skills including networking, decision making, negotiating and pitching etc. The teaching methodology includes immersive business simulations, proprietary case studies designed to inspire critical thinking and one-to-one professional coaching by industry experts.
Participants practise negotiating win-win scenarios applicable to personal and professional environments, exploring the art of authentically networking, and associated skills, such as public speaking, debating and problem solving. The course develops confidence, enabling participants to take ownership and initiative to be a successful leader. The programme is delivered through a combination of: Experiential Learning We realise the importance of learning through experiences; that is why our industry specific modules are taught through immersive role plays and interactive business simulations. This enables participants to better grasp the challenges and complications industry professionals are faced with on a day-to-day and year-on-year basis. One-to-one Professional Coaching We believe that there is no ‘right’ path for everyone; our programme is designed to enable participants to realise their strengths and interests and the passions that arise from them. Our professional coaches take into consideration participants’ own individual circumstances, skills and interests to help them find an appropriate course, university and career path and identify the steps required to achieve their personal goals. Case Studies Practise debating skills, discover the science behind decision making and gain respect from your fellow participants by developing and showcasing your public speaking skills. Expert Lectures We are proud to have support from over 50 industry experts from some of the world’s most influential institutions, who believe in sharing their professional experiences with participants. Our experts come from Google, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Harvard, Pwc, INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge and more.

Our Values

Purpose Find your drive. Ownership Take responsibility. Excellence Challenge your world.


Who created the programme?

This unique global curriculum has been meticulously designed using the latest research and with the collaboration of leading professionals including business leaders, psychologists, brand managers, chartered accountants, lawyers, bankers and educationalists from Bank of America, Google, INSEAD (etc).

Who are the professional experts at Leadearly?

The Advisory Board is an international body of Leading Experts in fields as diverse as finance, marketing, tech, business, education, real estate and retail. They all have degrees from the very best universities and have consistently climbed the career ladder to become Company Heads, Entrepreneurs and Professors. Leadearly Programmes teach the insights that were the key enablers to their success. The Advisory Board comprises of members from: Goldman Sachs, Google, Harvard, Cambridge, INSEAD, Pwc, P&G and more.

How much does the programme cost?

The cost of the programme is GBP 495. The cost involves all course materials, one - to - one coaching with professionals and personalised feedback on the participant's development both face to face throughout the course, as well as written feedback as part of their highlights pack. All participants receive a certificate of participation. Select participants receive coveted leadership awards, highlighting key skills Universities most value. After the course, our alumni are automatically enrolled to receive life-time membership to the international Leadearly community which benefits from exclusive opportunities for internships and part time work as well as invitations to beneficial alumni only events. Letters of recommendation for University or Internship applications will also be available.

Where are the courses held?

Courses are only held at leading partner schools and top universities across London and Dubai.


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