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Operations Manager


Leadearly, a fast-growing startup in London and Dubai is looking for an extremely motivated and exceptionally organised Operations Manager to join their team in London.


The main responsibilities can be broken down into (but not limited by) the following categories.


1. Operations: Ensuring that the team is progressing the necessary projects on schedule in order to hit the Key Performance Indicator targets set. 


2. HR: Taking primary responsibility to manage the recruitment pipeline and ensuring the team is motivated and and supported to perform to the best of their abilities.


3. Problem solving: Using critical thinking skills to effectively problem solve any issues as they arise and taking action to pre-empt future issues and put contingency plans in place.


The ideal candidate should have:


>> Entrepreneurial mindset, analytical abilities and passion to make a change in this sector

>> Exceptional attention to detail and project management skills 

>> Excellent communication skills to work with an international team 

>> Discipline to work independently and drive team to action


>> Bachelor's degree (minimum) with 5+ years work experience in a similar role

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