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How You Can Ensure Your Teenager’s Success!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Help them make a game plan for school and life after school

The first step is to get organised. The trick is to work backwards. Jot down the school timings first. This way you’ll know exactly how much free time your teenager has and then you can start allocating time for other activities.



Stop chasing after grades

With the competition multiplying ten fold, all you’ll end up doing is putting additional pressure on your teenager. Let them be. Mediocre grades are not the end of the world! Your teenager might be great at something else, help them find their passion!


Ensure you have 2 way conversations

Teenage is a very scary time for every child. Make sure you create an environment where they feel at ease talking to you. It is very important that they vent out their feelings.


Everyone learns from their mistakes, let your teenager make some!

One thing that teenagers hate is when they’re told to do something. It is quintessential for their success that they make a few mistakes and learn from them.


Make sure you enrol them for enriching activities

Take it upon yourself to work towards your teenager’s development. You need to find things for your teenagers to do that could help them in life. Find some fitting after school activities, enrol them in a holiday course that teaches them life skills, take them out camping. There a lot of things you can do that will not only aid in their development but will also bring you closer to them!

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