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Mums@Work - The Course You Wish You Took As A Teenager

Leadearly has recently been featured in Mums@Work Top Picks this Summer. You can find the article here, or read below.

We all know how hard it is to manage a family and our professional life. Learning new skills is critical to progress in our careers but let's face it, it gets harder to do when time is so limited. Changing careers to get more flexibility once you have a family can be even more challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if we had landed our ideal roles at the start? Do you sometimes wonder if there was a way to get the necessary training that we learn on the job, but from the beginning when we really needed it.

Leading our businesses, departments and teams requires a variety of skills including marketing, finance, negotiations, networking, and sales. Most of us wear many hats and have to juggle all of the above often under time pressure. Creating good habits at an early age is often reflected in efficient decision-making and career development later in life, resulting in a better work life balance.

What are the 4 top skills women need to ‘have it all’?

Networking Authentically: it’s not just about the number of people you meet, but the quality of conversations often transfers into a long term mutual gain.

Effective Decision Making: it’s important to be aware of typical decision-making traps such as not having the ability to say “no”. A study by McKinsey details that simply being aware of these biases will increase results by 7%.

Managing Your Personal Brand: don’t just think about your company’s brand but projecting the best version of yourself will open new opportunities and create credibility.

Negotiating To Reach a Win-Win Outcome: whether personal or business situations, having an understanding of the underlying need of individuals is the way to create scenarios that work best for both parties.

A great programme for teenagers too

The Leadearly Early MBA Programme is a top rated short course that instills these habits in teenagers. Based on the life experience of an accomplished advisory board who are successful leaders in global companies such as Google, Barclays and PWC, the programme simulates real world scenarios and challenges participants to work collaboratively to achieve their goals.

Participants gain key competitive skills including networking, decision-making, negotiating, pitching and more. The teaching methodology includes immersive business simulations, proprietary case studies designed to inspire critical thinking and one-to-one professional coaching by industry experts.

One of the modules participants find most helpful is University Pitches which provides face-to-face feedback on personal statements so that students can find their unique story and articulate it in 60 seconds. Parents are invited to the finale event to hear from a Guest Speaker and participants showcase their achievements. The Guest Speaker at the Back to School Early Leaders Programme which runs from 22nd - 25th August is a Yale Alumni who worked at Deutsche Bank, UBS and McKinsey in New York, London and Dubai. he next London course is during October half term (21st - 25th) and you can apply here.

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