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Why I took the Early MBA Programme and what I gained from it

Anusheh is a year 12 student at Repton School Dubai. In the summer holidays while many teenagers were waking up late and spending the day in their track pants glued to their devices, Anusheh was dressed sharply in business casual attire. She was ready to work with her new multi-cultural team from different schools, navigating the challenges and fun exercises that make the Early MBA Programme a truly transformational experience.

"The Early MBA Programme is a great experience for teenagers” says Anusheh. “It helped me develop new skills which I would have never even have thought about before this course. It developed my mind set and made me inquire more using a variety of skills and techniques. It also helped me understand business better and taught me lessons that will be useful throughout my life. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend it highly".

Anusheh has big shoes to fill. Her brother studied at the leading business school, INSEAD and is a successful entrepreneur and her father works for the World Bank. Anusheh is not weighed down by expectations, to the contrary, she has an infectious positive attitude and an excitement to pursue the opportunities that come her way.

Kaiser, Anusheh’s father is forward looking and always encouraging. "The world around us is not only changing but also becoming more competitive. Our children need to be better prepared when stepping into it by having an edge over others. This edge can be a language, a skill or a competency that will be needed in this new world. With this in mind, I enrolled my daughter to the Early MBA Programme that was offered in August in Dubai. Certainly, it was worth it, as the programme introduces 13 to 18 year-old kids to the concepts of business, negotiations skills and what it takes to succeed, as an entrepreneur or as an executive. Indeed, an excellent exposure to the real business world".

Finding a passion from which you can make a career is the ultimate dream. The journey to get there requires initiative and perseverance. Making the most of school holidays is a good start.

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