At Leadearly, we believe in supporting the development and achievement of the next generation of leaders. This is why we offer a scholarship system. We award scholarships for two reasons: 

1. To recognise the students that deserve to be rewarded for their achievements in and outside of school and

2. To benefit the students that would not be able to afford the programme otherwise


To apply for a scholarship, please read and follow the simple stages outlined below. Please ensure your adhere to the deadlines corresponding to the programme you are applying for.

Scholarship Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, the applicant needs to complete the short form below before the deadline communicated to you.

1. Fill out the form

All applicants are required to make a 1 minute video as part of their application. Detailed instructions are given on the application form. If the video is not submitted before the deadline, the scholarship application will not be considered.

2. Submit your video

Once the application form has been filled out and the video submitted, your job is done. We'll get in touch with you as soon as the selection committee decides on the winner(s). If your teenager has not been successful in winning the scholarship, they will still have time to benefit from the early bird offer.

3. Wait for the results

Start your Scholarship Application Process

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About Leadearly

Leadearly offers transformative short courses for teenagers held at partner schools as an after-school activity or holiday course.

Registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) in the UK

We accept childcare vouchers.

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