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Start by taking our flagship course,

The Early MBA Programme

What is covered in the

Early MBA Programme?

Whether you opt to take the course as an after school activity or a holiday course during your mid-term / half term break or easter / summer holidays, the curriculum is the same.

Participants work in diverse teams to practically apply themselves to win various challenges. The team that demonstrates the most initiative, leadership and teamwork wins, all skills highly valued by top universities and employers!

University Pitches

Authentically sell yourself to the dean of your top choice of university. Receive face to face advice from senior industry leaders. Parents are invited to attend.


Business Simulation

Become the CEO of your own company and see the impact of your decisions over a three-year period.


Career Choices

Learn to recognize hidden traps in decision making and follow a structured and creative approach to make more informed decisions. This can apply to university and course selection, internships and career opportunities.


Finance Careers

Discover honest insights from experienced finance professionals and reflect on your own career fit.



Practice win/win scenarios to get your own way while others think they won!



Uncover some of the secrets that made our advisory board successful that no one teaches you about!


Brand Management

Think creatively as a team to develop brand identities and campaign recommendations to be used by a real business.

What will you take away from

the Early MBA Programme?

All students receive:

  • Certificates of participation

  • Personal highlights from the programme

  • An increased peer network

  • Lifetime membership to the Leadearly Community


In addition:

  • The winning team will be awarded

  • The best overall performer receives the Leadership Award, a key skill universities seek. Select participants get invited to be Brand Ambassadors


This unique global curriculum has been meticulously designed using the latest research and with the collaboration of leading professionals including business leaders, psychologists, brand managers, chartered accountants, lawyers, bankers and educationalists.


The teaching methodology uses the VARK (Visual, Auditory, Reading / Writing, Kinesthetic) model to best cater to the needs of different types of learners. Students also receive individual coaching to better hone their areas of development.


The course is structured into individual modules which can be consumed altogether in an immersive holiday camp which can be taken in your mid term break / half term break or as an easter camp / summer camp. It can also be digested piecemeal as an after school or extra curricular activity, once a week over a school term.


Please enquire in advance as class sizes are limited and early registration is advised.


The Early MBA Programme is only the first step of the journey and we will continue to bring our alumni exciting new opportunities including relevant courses, work placements and international competitions exclusively for our community.

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Sadaf Raza

Founder & CEO, Leadearly Programmes

“The diversity of modules provides high school students with timely exposure to different professions pieced together from the perspectives of leading experts. Proprietary real world simulations and case studies allow students to put their newly acquired skills into practice. A futuristic approach better prepares students for technological disruption and other challenges of tomorrow. In addition, ongoing development and feedback on soft skills helps students identify some personal strengths and areas of opportunity. Together, the participants will get more clarity on making the most appropriate choices for their individual futures, and in doing so, also set themselves apart on university applications, demonstrating initiative and leadership from an early age”.

Join the Early MBA Programme today & be a part of this evergrowing learning community


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